Kika Residence

Kika Residence - Villa Agios Nikolaos

Kika Residence – Villa Agios Nikolaos


Kika Residence – Villa Agios Nikolaos, is a stone-made villa created with respect to the traditional Maniot architecture while embracing modernity. Founded in 2021, our Villa prides itself on an external, private pool and a breathtaking panoramic view of where Mt. Taygetus meets the Aegean Sea in Messinian Bay. Adding on, it is between the blue of the sky and the sea and the green of the world-famous Maniot Olive tree groves. It is also mixed with all local aromas and traditional cuisine, making it the perfect canvas for relaxation. Furthermore, it is situated on the edge of a hill between the villages of Rigklia, Agios Nikolaos and Pirgos at the centre of the Wider Mani area. This makes it the ideal location for local excursions to the close by beaches and sightseeing. Also, Kalamata, the capital of the Messinia region, is 40km (27 miles) away while Aeropoli is 33km (20.5 miles) away and the historic caves of Diros are only 43km (27 miles) away.




Outer Messinian Mani (“Exo Mani”) begins from Kalamata and extends south, up to the village of Saint Nikon. The coast of the Messinian Gulf up to the slopes of Mt. Taygetus is surrounded by picturesque villages. As everywhere in Mani, Messinian Mani is also the home of many ancient cities, castles, monasteries, and churches. The most famous and iconic villages in the area are, among others, Kardamili, Stoupa, Agios Nikolaos, Rigklia, Trahila, and Platsa. Mani is the mother of unique dishes, the sweet Diples and the flavorful Lalagkia as well as oregano, salt, thyme, mint, sea salt, supreme quality Olive oil and all the other organic goods mother nature can bless such an area with!

It is also known for the grandeur of Mount Taygetus, which can be seen almost everywhere in the area.

The most iconic must-visit beaches in the area are:
-Ritsa, Phoneas and Kalamitsi in Kardamili.
-Delfinia, Kalogria and Stoupa beach in Stoupa.
-Pantazi and Gnospi in Agios Nikolaos.
-Katafigi and Laka in Agios Dimitrios.

As of history, Mani has been an outstanding jewel for the modern history of Greece as well as ancient mythology. According to Hyginus, Kardamili was offered by king Agamemnon to Achilles as a dowry for him to marry his daughter, Iphigenia, who was then sacrificed to Artemis for the Greek ships to sail to Troy. Adding on, the tombs of the Dioscuri -Castor and Pollux- are located just outside the same town. Their sister, Helen of Troy, was born on a small island called Pefnos -which can be seen from Kika Residences’ porch-. Furthermore, Mani is known for being the first area to be called “Hellenic” -due to the late conversion of the residents-, the area in which Greece owes its independence from the Ottoman empire to, as well as the area in which Ancient Spartans gave their descendants the reputation of being the proudest, most fierce and most independent ethnic group in Greece.

In fact, not even Alexander the Great was able to conquer Mani!

A quote that perfectly describes the area is:

“As a passerby, you need three days to see Mani,

as a visitor you need three months,

but to see her soul you need three lifetimes.

One for her sea, one for her mountains and one for her people.”

The location, mixed with the full privacy and safety of Kika Residences makes it the most perfect place for the ideal holiday trip!

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and at home!

Dimitris & Maria​