Indian & Ethnic Cuisine

ABOUT MYLO Indian & Ethnic Cuisine Stoupa

Using the finest local Mani produce to serve you food cooked in the Indian way!

MYLO Indian & Ethnic Cuisine Stoupa – A different authentic gastronomic destination
For some, it is a magical, exotic culinary destination…
For others, it is an experience or a dream of a lifetime and…
For us at MYLO, it is a gastronomic destination full of flavours with spices and aromas that when combined with local staple foods, create spicy dishes

MYLO Indian & Ethnic Cousin Stoupa

The culture of Indian cuisine in Stoupa, West Mani
Indian & ethnic cuisine has influenced cuisines all over the world and no doubt it is very close to Greek eating habits because the staple foods it uses are fresh vegetables, rice, lentils, wholemeal flour, beans, peas, chickpeas and in meats (chicken, beef, lamb), less fish and shrimp.

Famous Chefs from all over the world inspired by the flavours and aromas of Indian cuisine, from the spicy and the spices like turmeric or curry to accompany the sauces, chicken or rice, have managed to integrate it into Western food culture

but there is another similarity with Greek cuisine…

Indians, like Greeks, treat food as a ritual, respect the ingredients, have a long culinary history and observe tradition.

NOTE – Indian food doesn’t necessarily mean spicy, you decide the intensity of the food.

MYLO Indian & Ethnic Cuisine Stoupa – Α Gastronomical Journey

In India cooking is considered an art, each ingredient is added at the right time to give it the right taste and aroma. Their meals have a lot of spices and the exotic and intoxicating flavours of their dishes are due to them.

Note that according to a survey conducted, out of the 381 ingredients used in cooking all over the world, 200 of them are used in Indian cuisine in particular !!!!