Pelagia Villas

Pelagia Villas Stoupa have been built in stone in the local traditional style on the north side of Stoupa Bay. The position on the edge of the small cliffs overlooking the sea has stunning views of the bay and out across the Gulf of Messinia.

The villas are within easy walking distance of the beaches and all the facilities in Stoupa. Their location is well suited for exploring the many places of classical and historic interest such as Olympia, Mystras, Monemvasia, Ithomi and of course the spectacular Diros caves and the wild Mani Peninsula.

Pelagia Villas Stoupa – Philosophy

The houses have been designed according to ancient Feng Shui guidelines and applied geomancy according to the building’s function and the wishes of the tenants.


…feel really comfortable, healthy and vital in the houses and the surrounding.

High energy level increase vitality, the basis for good rest and healthy sleep. The balanced architecture facilitates good air circulation and increases the feeling of comfort