27 kilometres from Areopolis on the way towards Tainaro you will find, in the village of “Alika”, the elegant wine bistro restaurant – Matapan.

High-quality ingredients, organic products and materials create recipes that have been cultivated in the garden at the back of the restaurant. At Matapan, meals can be prepared in front of your eyes – if you wish.

The diverse menu offers variations of the classic Italian pizza and many choices of appetisers including a highly recommended salad with quinoa and lentils whose roots are found in ancient Mani.

Each meal takes off the accompaniment of excellent wine with a sommelier willing to convey his knowledge of wine to help you choose the drink that best suits your plate and flavours.

The architecture of Matapan is also impressive. Offering strict, more Doric lines, complimented with bright green on the bench where the food is served and masterfully combined with the stone.

Matapan’s smoothes our gastronomic and architectural angles in a calm and enjoyable way.