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Zen Rocks, Yoga Retreat Greece,

Zen Rocks, yoga retreat Greece,  is a stunningly beautiful retreat centre in the heart of Mani, Southern Greece, sprawled within endless olive groves, with wide-open stunning views of the blue Mediterranean sky and sea. Our new retreat centre was built with remarkable elegance and luxurious comfort, but, truly, its high aesthetic value belies its true intention and purpose… Upon staying here even for a few days and nights, one starts to feel a deep connection with nature and its unmistakable healing power… We are talking about a tangible healing quality
that makes people say, “This is exactly what I needed in my life,” or “I spent the best week of my life at Zen Rocks.” And of course, no one really wants to leave when departure time comes… Our mission for Zen Rocks has really been realized through the experiences of our guests, and guest teachers who say things like the following…

Zen Rocks is designed to provide a safe haven, a sound alternative to our disconnected, high-paced lives. Our retreat centre aims to offer a map for us to remember, and retrace all parts of ourselves so we can find our balanced, happy, joyous, and interconnected selves. Through wholesome nutrition and daily exercise (Yoga-Pilates, etc), work with the earth (farming and gardening), swimming, walks in nature, centring techniques, AND meditation, we seek to rebuild our connection with the earth and all beings. Restored and reinspired through our retreat at Zen Rocks, we can go out to live a healthy and fulfilling life, supporting communities for positive living.

Zen Rocks is sprawled comfortably on a hill of endless olive trees, overlooking the azure sea of the Mani peninsula, famous for its ragged mountain beauty, pristine seaside villages, and gorgeous variegated beaches. The 3 villages of Kallianeika, Doloi, and Stavropegion form a triangle around Zen Rocks, and it takes a few minutes by car to reach any traffic noise and civilization.

Some of the best swimming in the world are within a few minutes’ drive from Zen Rocks (anywhere from 8 to 30 minutes away). Kazantzakis wrote “Zorba the Greek” nearby as his hero was based here, and the legendary British writer, Patrick Leigh Fermor, dedicated a whole book titled “Mani” to this area, before settling here for the rest of his life. An intrepid travel writer/adventurer, he found Mani to be the place of singular beauty, charm, and character on the whole planet.

Your hosts at Zen Rocks, Vivi Letsou, yoga teacher/founder of NYSY Studios and longtime Zen meditator, and her husband Eraj Shakib, owner of Avocado Vegetarian Restaurant in Athens, invite you to enjoy the absolute beauty of nature, swim in exquisite beaches, walk, hike, visit nearby charming villages, ancient sites and byzantine churches or simply relax and let the magical essence of this place heal you. Expect to be pampered in warm hospitality, nurtured with hearty and delicious meals, and soothed with massages and everything you may need in order to rest, relax and immerse yourself in deeper yoga and meditation. All in the spirit of our individual and planetary well-being!

Accommodations at Zen Rocks, yoga retreat Greece,  are comfortable, and elegant if not luxurious. Zen Rocks offers the possibility of single, double, triple or quadruple occupancy in its rooms. All furnishings are uniquely designed and handmade with wood and organic materials by a family with a long tradition of fine custom-made furniture.

The retreat is located about 30 minutes south of the city of Kalamata, in a quiet olive grove amidst the sea and blue skies. The closest village to us is Kallianeika. There is airport access both from Athens Airport (3 hours from ZR) and from Kalamata Airport (30-40min from ZR).

Home-cooked, vegetarian and/or vegan meals may be prepared according to your needs and preferences. We use local seasonal produce grown from our land or neighbouring gardens. Fresh goat milk, daily eggs, and handpicked fresh fruit can be added to your menu. Your meals are prepared by wonderful inspired cooks. We are serving all vegetarian dishes with aromatic herbal teas, and herbal water. The menu is inspired by several international cuisines but focuses mainly on fresh delicious Mediterranean dishes! The intention is to have a very healthy, energizing, detoxifying week.  While at Zen Rocks please adhere to a vegetarian diet.