Paralos Beach Bar

Beach Bar

Paralos Beach Bar: Your Destination for Coffee, Cocktails, and Cuisine on Kalogria Beach in Stoupa


Welcome to Paralos Beach Bar, the ultimate beachfront destination for a memorable experience on Kalogria Beach in Stoupa. Situated in a beautiful environment with a scenic view, we invite you to join us and indulge in a delightful array of coffee, cocktails, and cuisine, all summer long.

Coffee, Cocktails, and More:

Whether you’re seeking a rejuvenating morning coffee, a refreshing afternoon cocktail, or a delectable meal, Paralos Beach Bar has you covered. Our expert baristas and mixologists are dedicated to crafting the perfect beverages to satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy the soothing ambience, friendly service, and stunning beachfront view as you savour your favorite drink or indulge in a mouthwatering culinary delight.

Weddings & Events:

Looking for a picturesque setting for your special day? Look no further than Paralos Beach Bar. We offer an idyllic atmosphere for weddings and events, ensuring an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Our team of highly professional staff will go above and beyond to make your special day beautiful and enjoyable. From exquisite and creative cuisine to a friendly atmosphere, we take care of every detail to create a magical celebration that will be cherished forever.

Scenic Views & Friendly People:

At Paralos Beach Bar, we believe that ambience and hospitality go hand in hand. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Kalogria Beach while enjoying the company of our friendly staff and fellow patrons. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing spot to unwind or a vibrant social atmosphere, our beachfront location offers the perfect setting for memorable moments and new connections.

Visit Paralos Beach Bar on Kalogria Beach in Stoupa and discover a haven of coffee, cocktails, and cuisine. Indulge in the flavours, embrace the breathtaking views, and create lasting memories in the company of friendly faces. Join us this summer for an experience you won’t forget.