Patio Villas

Innfaith Hospitality: Elevating Your Ideal Getaway – Patio Villas Neoxori

Our exquisite cluster of private stone villas is situated in Neochori, Mani, just a short 10-minute drive from the charming harbour of Agios Nikolaos and the lively Stoupa. Designed to blend with the rugged, untamed landscape seamlessly, these four stone mansions exemplify the majestic architecture of Mani. While the complex resembles a quaint village, each villa is thoughtfully designed to offer a private escape without compromising the breathtaking views.

Unwind with a drink, savour the awe-inspiring sea views from your terrace, or bask in the comfort of a sunbed beside the glistening pool. With various outdoor dining spots and a fully equipped BBQ, you can relish the most delectable meals with your friends.

The villas boast stone walls, wooden accents, and ceilings, complemented by metal and glass elements, all adhering to the principles of minimalism. The rooms are tastefully styled and minimally adorned, ensuring your stay at Patio Villas becomes an unforgettable memory.

Rent your Patio Villas Neoxori and embark on a luxurious vacation in one of Greece’s most picturesque regions. These villas embody contemporary elegance while seamlessly harmonising with the untamed surroundings.