Bassa Maina

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Innfaith Hospitality: Transforming Your Escape – Unwind amidst the allure of Bassa Maina,

Nestled in the heart of the southern Peloponnese, the region of Deep Mani unveils its awe-inspiring beauty, where the stoic Mount Taygetus and the fortress-like tower houses clash with the endless allure of the Mediterranean. Amidst this dichotomy, the Bassa Maina Villas & Suites in Mani complex emerges as a beacon of sophistication, standing proudly on the rugged coastline, offering a harmonious blend of comfort and luxury.

The panoramic landscape of Deep Mani, with its snow-capped peaks and austere architecture, sets the stage for the Bassa Maina complex—a collection of nine amphitheatrically built villas and suites. These accommodations, each with a unique layout, private terraces, and upscale interior design, promise an unparalleled stay in this untouched corner of southern Greece. The visual tension of the surroundings melts away with the infinite horizon, where baby blue skies meet cobalt waters in a soothing union.

Bassa Maina’s Villas & Suites in Mani, bathed in natural light, boast exposed stone walls, beamed ceilings, and heavenly comfortable beds. The attention to detail is evident in the designer furniture, decoration, and lighting fixtures that bedazzle the eye, creating a home-like ambiance. Some accommodations feature cozy fireplaces and private outdoor heated Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, elevating the experience to one of refined elegance and subtle sophistication.

Privacy is paramount in these villas, each with its own entrance and unobstructed views of the Mediterranean. Comfortable sitting and dining areas, ultra-modern bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchenettes complete the picture. Whether it’s a leisurely swim in the complex’s pool, a meal with breathtaking sea views at the CROCUS restaurant, or maintaining a fitness regime in the dedicated gym space, Bassa Maina ensures a well-rounded experience.

The Bassa Maina Villas & Suites in Mani complex goes beyond providing luxurious accommodations; it serves as an ideal venue for weddings and social events, boasting a boutique conference venue, a bar, and a small business center. The impeccable services and amenities, coupled with the local traditional architecture, create an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

CROCUS, the on-site restaurant, offers modern recipes with a “Peloponnesian” touch, prepared daily with quality fresh products. Its outdoor space provides breathtaking views, while the indoor lounge exudes a cozy warmth, perfect for colder days. For those seeking sophistication in a stunning location, Bassa Maina Villas & Suites in Mani stands as the epitome of luxury, making it the ideal choice for memorable social and business events.