Begetis Watersports

Kalogria, Stoupa & Neo Oitilo


Begetis Watersports Adventure in Mani

Welcome to Begetis Watersports, your gateway to an unforgettable watersports adventure in Mani. Since 1979, our family-owned business has been inviting watersport enthusiasts, families, and adventurers to dive into a world of aquatic excitement. Located on the stunning shores of Kalogria Beach, Stoupa, and extending our exhilarating services to Neo Itilo Beach in Oitylo, we offer a diverse range of activities designed for all skill levels.

Why Begetis Watersports? Our decades of experience have established us as leaders in the watersports realm, backed by a team passionate about the sea and dedicated to providing safe, thrilling experiences. At Begetis Watersports, it’s not just about the adventure; it’s about crafting lasting memories amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Mani.

Our Watersports Offerings:

  • For Family Fun and Beginners: Enjoy the calmness of pedal boats and SUP, perfect for capturing the scenic beauty of Mani.
  • For Exploration: Kayaks and touring kayaks await those eager to pace the coastline at their leisure.
  • For a Unique Experience: Try our sea bike and Hobie Board for a blend of excitement and workout.
  • For Speed Lovers: Jet ski and Oxoon boats offer the thrill of speed across the azure waters.

Safety and Experience: Safety is our top priority. With Begetis Watersports, guests are assured of strict safety protocols and guidance from our well-trained team, making every adventure safe and enjoyable.

Location: Our stunning locations offer the perfect setting for your watersport adventures. From serene paddleboard sessions to exhilarating jet ski rides, find the ideal backdrop for your preferred activity with us.

Embrace the adventure and beauty of Mani with Begetis Watersports. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape on the water or the thrill of a jet ski chase, our promise is an experience filled with joy, excitement, and the warm embrace of Greek hospitality.