Mani Studio Triumphs on the National Stage: Etsi Architects Wins Big at the Grail Awards!

Mani magic strikes again! Etsi Architects, a gem nestled in the heart of the Mani Peninsula, has brought home a prestigious national award, solidifying its place as a leader in innovative and sustainable design. Recently crowned “Studio of the Year” at the highly-respected Grail Awards, Etsi Architects isn’t just creating dream Mani homes—they’re redefining architectural excellence in Greece.

Mani Peninsula architects

A Well-Deserved Recognition

This win is a testament to Etsi Architects’ unwavering commitment to their craft. As Eleni Tsigarida, the award-winning architect behind the studio, stated in her acceptance speech, “At Etsi Architects, we take pride in the variety of projects we tackle, from fulfilling the simple desire of a “house like my neighbour’s” to projects that delve deep into respecting and cherishing our beloved Mani. As the judges themselves said, it’s an ‘archaeological’ process and a sincere connection between our passionate team and the final result.”

A Studio Rooted in Mani’s Soul

Etsi Architects’ success goes beyond their design prowess. It’s their deep connection to Mani that truly sets them apart. Founded by Eleni, who relocated to Mani in 2009, driven by a vision to blend contemporary design with the region’s rich heritage, the studio understands Mani’s unique essence. This translates into projects that seamlessly integrate with the landscape, honouring tradition while pushing boundaries with innovation.

Award-Winning Excellence: A Blend of Vision and Sustainability

The Grail Awards win highlights Etsi Architects’ holistic approach to design. They don’t just create beautiful spaces; they create sustainable havens. Their expertise in using eco-friendly materials and designing drought-resistant landscapes ensures your dream Mani home treads lightly on the environment.

Mani’s Architectural Beacon

Etsi Architects’ national recognition is a win for the entire Mani Peninsula. It highlights the region’s thriving creative scene and positions Mani as a destination not just for stunning landscapes and rich history but also for architectural brilliance.

Mani Peninsula architects

Planning your Mani Escape? Look No Further!

So, if you’re dreaming of a Mani retreat that perfectly blends tradition with modern living, look no further than Etsi Architects. Their award-winning expertise and deep connection to Mani will transform your vision into a sustainable and stunning reality.

Mani Peninsula architects