Staying Cool in Mani: Refreshing Ways to Beat the Heatwave

As the mercury rises, finding ways of staying cool in the Mani heatwave becomes essential. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, this guide will help you discover some of the best spots and activities to keep cool and enjoy your summer in Mani safely and comfortably.

Lithos Cafe Agios Nikolaos

1. Discover Secluded Beaches: Explore some of Mani’s hidden gems, where the water is always inviting and the crowds are few. From the secluded coves near Kardamyli to the serene stretches along the coast of Gythio, these beaches offer a perfect escape from the heat, with plenty of opportunities for swimming and relaxing by the sea.

2. Relish the Shade in Coastal Cafés: Indulge in the unique pleasure of sipping a relaxed coffee or a zesty lemonade in waterfront cafés. These havens provide a sanctuary from the heat, allowing you to immerse in the local cafe culture in a relaxed setting. Savour the distinct flavours of a traditional Greek frappé or a freshly squeezed lemonade as you observe the world go by.

Staying Cool in Mani Heatwave

3. Enjoy Nighttime Cultural Events: Seize the opportunity of the cooler evening temperatures to partake in outdoor cultural events. Many towns in Mani, including Areopolis and Stoupa, host open-air concerts, film screenings, and art displays that commence after sunset, offering entertainment without the discomfort of daytime heat.

4. Sample Gelato and Local Ice Creams: No summer day is complete without ice cream. Visit local gelaterias to taste various flavours made with fresh, local ingredients. From classic Greek yoghurt and honey to more adventurous local fruit sorbets, these sweet treats are a delightful way to stay cool.

Kalogria Restaurant - Staying Cool in Mani Heatwave

5. Sunset Dinners by the Sea: Dine al fresco at one of the many restaurants offering outdoor seating near the water. As the sun sets, the heat gives way to a pleasant warmth, ideal for enjoying Mani’s culinary delights. Freshly caught seafood prepared in traditional Mani style satisfies the palate and provides a quintessential Greek dining experience.

Conclusion: Despite the heatwave, Mani continues to charm visitors with its myriad ways to stay cool and enjoy the essence of Greek summer. From serene beaches to lively evening events, there’s something for everyone looking to escape the heat and make the most of their time in this beautiful region.

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